For those that reside in Singapore, we provide a permethrin clothing treatment service to better protect you and your loved ones whether dwelling locally or when you travel to insect-borne disease endemic regions.

If you look to have your clothing items treated, please fill up the attire treatment form and visit us at Amber Compounding Pharmacy in Singapore.


Footwear x 1 set SGD $10
Socks x 1 set SGD $5
Shorts/Skirt x 1 SGD $7
Long pants x 1 SGD $10
T-shirt/blouse x 1 SGD $7
Long-sleeve shirt/blouse x 1 SGD $10
Cap/hat x 1 SGD $10
Blanket/towel x 1 SGD $10
Specialised items x 1 SGD $10+


  • Items cannot be treated if the Care Label reads: Dry Clean Only.
  • Underwear will not be treated.
  • Other items that may be unsuitable: Water Resistant, Line-Dry, Do Not Tumble Dry, old or unconventional fabrics/shapes or sizes.
  • After filling up our online form, bring your clothing to 221 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058770.
  • Items can then be collected back from 221 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058770 once readied (we will contact you by phone/email – expected within 10 days).
  • Once treated with permethrin at our facility, your clothing is expected to retain insect repellency for up to 20 washings or 6 months whichever comes first