Elven Guard is simply the most effective natural insect repellent that we know of from independent testing at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as of 2015, and now commercially available.

  • Elven Guard has the only WHO-endorsed natural active (PMD) retained in fully botanical form (PMDBRO) and produced to pharmaceutical standards.
  • Elven Guard is DEET-free. DEET at high concentrations was previously recognized as the most effective insect repelling agent but can be harmful to human skin and can lead to neurological conditions if used extensively.
  • Elven Guard is purposefully built for long and strong repelling action against the Aedes family of mosquitoes, particularly Aedes aegypti (Zika, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya) with 8+ hours of protection on single application, from independent testing.
  • Elven Guard effectively repels a wide range of biting insects including mosquitoes, ticks, midges, flies, sandflys, ants, mites, fleas, lice, leeches and many more.
  • Elven Guard is alcohol-based, disinfecting and provides additional killing action to many harmful insects that may come into early contact.

The active ingredient in most chemical-based mosquito repellents is DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide), developed by the US military in the 1940s. This powerful chemical is absorbed readily into the skin, and should be used with caution. Common side-effects to DEET-based products include rash, swelling, itching and eye-irritation often due to over-application. DEET even dissolves certain plastics. If you need a DEET-based repellent in relation to your specific lifestyle/activity, for safer use, consider the following:

  • Repellents used on children should contain no more than 10% DEET. Parents should assist children in applying DEET-based products.
  • Lotions can be applied more effectively than sprays. Only a thin layer should be used.
  • Be careful to avoid areas near the eyes or mouth.
  • Wash skin exposed to DEET after coming in from mosquito areas.
  • Minimize exposed skin areas by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants, if possible.

Recent research suggests that DEET products, used sparingly for brief periods, are relatively safe. Other research points to toxic encephalopathy associated with use of DEET insect repellents. DEET should not be used in combination with sun-screen whether available in single products or applied separately because DEET is not meant to be reapplied often.

Poisoning by DEET has also been implicated in parts of third world countries, where DEET is abused in less reputable establishments, being indiscriminately used and even ending up in cocktails.

DEET as a repellent, remains contraindicated in pregnancy and the very young.

From DEET’s inception and use by the US military in the 1940s, it became widely used and was previously accepted as the most effective commercial insect repellent active for several decades.

Recent studies and data however now point to significant DEET resistance amongst mosquitoes. Several studies are now showing that while Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are initially repelled by DEET upon first exposure, subsequent exposure 3+ hours later shows that some are already no longer sensitive to it.

REF: http://www.nature.com/news/2010/100503/full/news.2010.216.html
Link: Download

This century as well, the safety of DEET has come into significant question in light of the many side effects and neurological conditions that have developed in users of DEET, especially those that have used it at higher concentrations, extensively and over long periods of time.

Yes, if your pet is a mosquito, tick or flea magnet, it can benefit from protection with Elven Guard.
Nevertheless we also make a similar pet insect repellent product with PMD specifically for animals in the form of Pet Guard. Pet Guard is formulated to also specifically kill ticks and fleas that may infest or sporadically get onto your pet. Pet Guard is now the preferred animal insect repellent at the Singapore Zoo to prevent ecto-parasite infections like ticks, fleas, mites and mosquitoes.

For more information or to purchase Pet Guard, visit us at www.ambershield.com

When applied based on the label externally to intact skin that may be exposed to mosquitoes, the Elven Guard formulation is safe for use throughout the stages of pregnancy from the best available scientific data that we have. When we started formulating and fine tuning Elven Guard, it was with a focus on effective protection from dangerous insect-borne diseases especially for people exposed either through lifestyle, residing or travelling in endemic regions including pregnant mums and women of reproductive age. We’ve also analysed each ingredient’s safety data along with combinations and concluded on the safe use of our formulation in pregnancy.

In light of the Zika outbreak that now has global implications, we recommend that you follow your country’s official travel advisories and ideally if you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant:

  • Do not travel to any country/region with an active Zika presence or outbreak
  • If you have to travel or be in any Zika environment, take all recommended precautionary measures to prevent mosquito bites
  • Avoid sexual contact or use precautionary measures like condoms if you have a partner who may have been or be exposed to Zika in an affected area

The understanding as of Feb 2016 on risk to a developing fetus of developing a small head (microcephaly) if exposed to Zika virus, is that this risk is highest in the first trimester, hence exercise maximum precautions during this period in protecting yourself and child from Zika.

While suitable for 6 months and above, Elven Guard should not be used unattended by anyone under 1-year of age, and used with caution between the ages of 1-3 years. Elven Guard is safe on the young when applied appropriately based on our label or as appropriately supervised by an informed adult. For infants and toddlers, please remember that an adult should apply Elven Guard for them.

When a new bottle of Elven Guard is first opened, the pump mechanism needs to be primed (the top pressed a few times) during which time spray may not come out. This is normal. After 3-4 presses, the pump becomes active and you should see the first spray. Subsequently just spray the desired content externally onto intact skin or clothing that could be exposed to mosquitoes in relation to your specific activities and attire. If not sprayed directly onto the body, Elven Guard can also be first sprayed onto the palms of your hands and hence applied from your hands to the desired skin areas. A thin layer that you can feel on your skin upon application is usually sufficient to provide effect. If an opened bottle has not been used for some time, the pump mechanism may need to be primed again. This is normal.

If you are applying Elven Guard to a young one, the same process can be followed. For sensitive areas closer to the eyes, mouth or broken skin, first spray Elven Guard onto your palms and spread onto the intact external skin of your child to better avoid accidental exposure into eyes, mouth or broken skin.

Elven Guard is meant to be applied/sprayed externally to intact skin or clothing that could be exposed to mosquitoes based on the nature of your intended activities and associated attire. If you wear socks and shoes on going out for example, you would not need to spray the feet. If you are clothed out and about wearing slippers in your neighbourhood or garden in a tropical environment associated with insects, it is useful to apply to all exposed areas of intact skin including feet/hands/arms/legs/neck/face and to your clothing if it is thin.

International guidelines and advisories recommend that you apply an insect repellent like Elven Guard to all exposed intact skin areas, and permethrinise your clothes if you expect to be in/around any area with significant insect-borne diseases.

If you desire household protection, it can be prudent to spray Elven Guard onto areas of windows, doors and other openings that can otherwise allow mosquitoes into your home.

A thin layer that you can feel or smell on your skin upon application is usually sufficient to provide effect. The distinctive oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) smell can also be an indicator of how much to apply especially if you spray on clothing. When you can smell it on the site of application/spray, there is usually sufficient current repellency effect.

Elven Guard is recommended for regular use in any endemic insect-borne disease environments as well as travel use whenever you or family may be exposed to any biting insects, especially when outdoors in unprotected urban, rural or undeveloped environments. If you anticipate going into the wilderness or exposure to aggressive mosquito species and related seasonal swarms of insects that you may not be fully aware of, Elven Guard is the solution to effective protection coupled with permethrinising your clothing. Consult a travel or related healthcare specialist for the best advice in such instances.

A single application of Elven Guard is expected to last at least 8 hours and can be re-applied evenly 2-3 times a day for all-day protection depending on the nature of activities that you engage in and the environment you are in. If you expect to wash off the product, it will require re-application sooner and more often to maintain all-day effect.

All the ingredients in Elven Guard are from natural plant sources. Importantly our para-menthane 3,8 diol (PMD) active that we use is from PMD-botanically rich oil (PMDBRO) sourced from oil of the Australian Lemon Eucalyptus tree that is more effective than any synthetic form. Some of our other ingredients may from time to time be manufactured identical forms of the natural forms simply for purity purposes to ensure quality control in getting the best uncontaminated raw materials.

No, all raw ingredients are plant-based and Elven Guard is a Botanical and Vegan product.

Yes, we currently produce in 100ml bottles that can be brought on airplanes or any other transport and used effectively at travel destinations.

While Elven Guard can be used in a wide variety of settings to repel biting insects, it is best suited for household, expedition and travel use in urban, rural and undeveloped environments where insect-borne diseases are endemic. The overall altitude, climatic temperature and level of humidity have little impact on the label effectiveness and duration of effect of Elven Guard.

Yes, we all should be concerned about Zika, at least if or until reputed authorities and international healthcare groups are all clear that it’s related healthcare threat is under control globally. This is highly unlikely to happen in the near future.

The Zika virus is expected to appear in significant numbers around the world with correspondingly devastating outbreaks, primarily in the Tropics and spreading aggressively by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.
Zika is now well implicated as the key cause of the sudden surge in numbers of babies with small heads (microcephaly) born to mothers infected with it. From a major outbreak in Brazil in the middle of 2015, the repercussions have now reached almost the whole of the Americas and now also spreading in the United States (as of Feb 2016). Importantly the health implications don’t just limit at microcephaly, countries are waking up to various neurological and immune-mediated conditions like Guillain-Barre Syndrome that are leading to paralysis and even death in susceptible individuals that get infected.

To put into context, significantly more people die when travelling due to accidents, malaria or dengue than Zika. Nevertheless while Zika symptoms are often mild in most people and can resolve within 2 weeks, the disturbing reality that authorities are waking up to is that the virus can persist and spread through various bodily fluids after symptom recovery including through semen hence leading to the sexual transmission of Zika.

At the current time, we don’t have any vaccines or good diagnostic tools that can quickly and accurately detect and differentiate a Zika infection from other closely related ones like dengue. Nor does the vast majority of the world have any immunity to this virus.

The best each of us can do right now is play our own part in preventing and limiting the spread of Zika, if not for our ourselves, our offspring, families and friends, then also for our societies at large as more of us travel around the globe. Prevent and limit your exposure to mosquito bites through personal protective measures especially if you may be in any potential Zika environment!

What we’ve done here is to make available to you our Elven Guard insect repellent that can protect exposed skin from the Aedes mosquito, and for those in Singapore travelling to the Olympics in Brazil or any other region that may result in exposure to Zika, we provide a permethrinising service to ensure that your outer clothing also protects you from mosquitos and related biting insects. Follow this link.

There is so much news now about Zika, that you might feel overwhelmed. We find that recommendations from the WHO, PHE or CDC are some of the best sources of good international information and updates on Zika.

What we’ve done at this time as well is to provide high quality information on Zika vetted by prominent healthcare professionals primarily for individuals residing in Singapore. Links coming soon.

The expiry date of an unopened bottle is 2 years from the point of manufacture and indicated on the bottle. We know from experience that the formulation actually lasts longer but we state this tested duration to ensure you always have a safe and effective product when you need it.

The shelf-life of an opened bottle remains as the expiry date provided you store and use the spray according to the label and do not open up or dismantle the bottle spray mechanism.

When unopened and once opened, an Elven Guard bottle should preferably be stored in a cool (2 to 25 degC), dry place. Even if you bring your Elven Guard bottle around with you or expose it to reasonable climatic variations in the tropics like SouthEast Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, it does not lose it’s effectiveness. If you leave open the bottle spray mechanism for any reason, it can result in less product over time (due to evaporation) and less effective product.

Elven Guard can be purchased on our website, through which we will ship the product to your indicated address internationally. Visit us at www.ambershield.com.

Elven Guard is also currently available in Singapore at select clinics, pharmacies, retail chains and neighbourhood stores while increasingly available by retail throughout the tropics.

If you are a retail establishment interested in carrying Elven Guard, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are a distributor and look to represent Elven Guard in any territory beyond internationally, we’d love to hear from you too.